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Rental Villas – Take the Tour of Different Beaches from a Single Home

If you are planning to spend your vacations in Spain then I must tell you that you have selected an excellent place. This country has loads of spots to move around. However sometimes it becomes difficult to choose one town for your traveling session. In that case here is a suggestion for you.

Ibiza is one of the most popular town in Spain that is known for its tourism features. This town has many specialties. One of the joys of being on holiday in Ibiza is that, no matter where you are, especially when driving, you are never far from one of the many wonderful beaches or secluded little coves. The island Ibiza has a surface area of only 572 km². This means that the greatest distance to be covered by road is 40 km; which in turn means that all of these beautiful beaches are within an hour’s comfortable drive, wherever you are staying.

The easiest way to explore the coastline and beaches is with a rental car, although, many of the beaches can be reached by regular bus services, and / or local ferry services from the major resorts. The ferries are a favorite of many people.

Although many of the beaches will rent sunshades and parasols, you are best advised to take your own. The sun is very hot here in summer, and we can’t stress enough the importance of shade for young children, babies and the fair-haired.

Never leave bags unattended! Leave your credit cards, passports and tickets in the hotel safe and don’t take lot’s of money to the beach, only what you need for for some drinks and lunch. Don’t leave any valuables in the hired car.

Most of the beaches boast soft, sandy floors. Perfect for splashing around near the shore. Do be careful before rushing and plunging headlong into the water - there are beaches with stones and underwater rocks. Look before you leap!

If we talk about the temperatures of the Ibiza then you must be aware that here in  May temperature is 18.5 degree Celsius , in June, in  21.5 degree Celsius, in July, August and September 26 degree Celsius while in  October 24.5 degree Celsius.

Well to get all the fun of these beaches you only need to get a villa on rent. Revtal villas will be as your companion because here you will get all the facilities and luxuries. You can book your rental villas through online websites.

The location calpe provides the stunnning villas for your holiday vacations.The most beautiful villas and holiday homes on the locations costa brava and villa begur in Spain selected for your enjoyment. And you can also read my other articles on Aleister Crowley Articles and you can also read my other blog on Aleister Crowley Blog.

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